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Thank you Dr. Vikrant for your spell bound sessions of Numerology. There are many things at personal it was worked out for me and my extended family. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the results we are getting the knowledge we acquired. I am going to surely extend my knowledge to more people and highly recommend to people interested in learning Numerology.

 – Prashant Kale

Taking up the Master Numerology course under Vikrant Sir’s guidance has opened up absolutely new horizon of my life. The concepts and techniques that were taught by him are so precise and easy to follow.His efforts to teach with simplicity and profound dedication is commendable. If gratitude could be expressed in words, I would use all my vocabulary to express it.

– Sheirry Bhatnaghr


My experience was splendid. I am grateful to Dr. Vikrant Subaash for his profound guidance and mentoring. Numerology is not just a profession for him but it’s a passion which he is truly dedicated and religious to. When he talks to us he has only one intention in his mind…to help you navigate your and others life to the best. I don’t think any occult mentor can guide you like the way he does.

– Preeti Kulkarni

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Frequently asked questions

We do not give a certificate for the workshop, post the workshop we offer a Master Numerology Success Course which is a certified Course.


The workshop is conducted in English & Hindi.

It’s a 2-Day LIVE Workshop. We want you to come and attend it LIVE.

Yes, we do touch base on name numbers in the worksop.

We cover Lo Shu, Vedic, Chaledean & Chiero.

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in exploring numerology, whether you’re looking to enhance your personal life, business, relationships, or considering a professional career in the field.

Upon completing this workshop, you’ll have taken the first significant step towards becoming a professional numerologist. We provide essential insights and foundational knowledge, enabling you to begin consulting as a professional numerologist. Additionally, this workshop paves the way for you to become a certified coach in numerology, empowering you to teach and share this fascinating discipline with others.

This workshop provides a foundational understanding of numerology, essential for anyone considering teaching it. While it is an introductory course, it can be a springboard to more advanced studies and certifications that will equip you to teach numerology effectively.

Absolutely! This workshop is tailored to give you the basics and essential understanding required to start consulting in numerology. It’s a stepping stone for anyone aspiring to practice numerology professionally.

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